MLS All Star Game

She took office on December 10, 2007. Kirchnerismo was also slightly strengthened in parliament. The Kirchnerismo that prevailed between 2003 and 2015 (based on Néstor and Cristina Kirchner) is social democratic in orientation, while the Menemismo that dominated in the 1990s was economically liberal. In the elections for the Argentine Senate and the Argentine Chamber of Deputies in October 2005, Néstor Kirchner's supporters emerged victorious with around 40% of the votes. Néstor Kirchner then handed over the leadership of the Peronist Party to the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Daniel Scioli. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner won the first round of voting with 45.3% of the vote and thus avoided a runoff. The Argentine government has announced a significant revival in relations with the USA; the USA has honored Argentina's first economic and foreign policy steps with initial gestures. Behind them, far behind today, is the UCR (Unión Cívica Radical), which effectively formed a two-party system with the PJ between 1945 and 2003 and was involved in government several times. Some parties that were able to achieve temporary success in the 1990s, such as the liberal Acción por la República and the social democratic Frente Grande, which was part of the government in the Frente País Solidario coalition between 1999 and 2001, are now only of local importance.

The governing Peronists, particularly Kirchner's electoral platform, Frente para la Victoria, won the presidential and parliamentary elections on October 28, 2007 with an overwhelming victory. The most successful was José Mourinho, who won the triple of Coppa Italia, championship and Champions League in the 2009/10 season. In this situation, people around the club heard about a team made up of Air Force soldiers who, although they were a good team, did not receive the approval of the Spanish association to play in the first division. Kevin Primeau formed a new team for the following season, but again the first few games got completely out of hand. However, since football generated the highest number of spectators and the organizers needed the income, it was decided to add a tournament to the program again. Paris Saint-Germain overtakes FC Bayern, who suffered a loss in revenue due to the loss of revenue from the UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup and fell to fifth place. In the case of the right, this only applies to the right-wing conservative-nationalist Partido del Campo Popular (from which MODIN emerged), which is considered a rallying movement for those nostalgic for the military dictatorship between 1976 and 1983. It was represented on the UN Human Rights Council in 2013-2015 and as a non-permanent member in the UN Security Council in 2013/2014. Argentina is a member of the G20 and is an active member of the United Nations (troop contributor to the UN Mission MINUSTAH in Haiti).

Argentina is a member of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), founded in December 2011, whose members include all 33 American states with the exception of the USA and Canada. In order to end sovereignty disputes (see Beagle conflict) over the islands at the southern tip of the Americas, saka jersey Argentina and Chile commissioned an international tribunal in 1971 to decide on a binding interpretation of the 1881 boundary treaty. The Arbitration Court in the Beagle Conflict ruled in 1977 that all islands south of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego belonged to Chile. In 1978 Argentina declared the decision null and void and prepared to take the islands militarily (see Operation Soberanía); this could only be prevented through the mediation of Pope John Paul II. According to the 1994 constitution, Argentina is a federalist, republican, presidential democracy. It was about the Falkland Islands off Argentina (referred to as "Islas Malvinas" in Argentina), which according to Argentine legal opinion belong to their own national territory, but are also regarded as their own sovereign territory by Great Britain and have been under its administration since 1833.

↑ In addition to qualifying for the 2007 World Cup, New Zealand also qualified as hosts. In addition to its own productions, Canal 10, which is dependent on UNC, also broadcasts formats from the state-owned Canal 7 and the private channels América TV and Canal 9 from Buenos Aires. In addition to the state schools, there are also a large number of private schools. With the growing number of football enthusiasts in the Cayman Islands, the need for new venues was great. The ballot papers are called Listas Sábanas (German: bedclothes (large) lists) because they are often very large. For example, the elections for the Senate and the House of Representatives are usually carried out together with mayoral elections, which leads to distortions due to the so-called Listas Sábanas. However, only a few voters make use of this option, which leads to distortions when elections are held more frequently on the same day. However, if there are many simultaneous elections, you can split the votes. Instead, in 2005, an MLS selection in Spain took on Real Madrid for the Trofeo Santiago Bernabéu. This game, which does not officially count as an All-Star Game, was clearly won by Madrid 5-0. After that, with the exception of Celtic Glasgow 2007, there were duels with the English teams Chelsea FC, West Ham United, Everton FC and Manchester United.

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