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CapitoliniItaly and Switzerland met for the second time at this World Cup in the decider, which was necessary because both teams had equal points. The Scandinavians had to admit defeat to the Belgian team in their qualifying group, which was mainly due to the fact that Sweden's best players could not be used for the national team because they played as professionals in Italy or France and the Swedish association therefore did not take them into account. The Italian team in particular had three of the best players in the tournament with their defensive players Fabio Cannavaro and Gianluca Zambrotta as well as midfield director Andrea Pirlo. Geneva: Three preliminary round games and a quarter-final took place at the Stade des Charmilles in Servette Geneva. In addition, in the 50th300 spectators, which was rebuilt at a cost of 7.5 million Swiss francs, two further preliminary round matches, a quarter-final and the semi-final between Uruguay and Hungary. Bern: The Wankdorf Stadium, home of the Bernese Young Boys, was the largest stadium during the 1954 World Cup with 64,600 seats. In the second game, the hosts, Switzerland, defeated the Italian team, who, despite their superiority on the field, were hardly ever able to decisively assert themselves against the Riegel variant practiced by the Swiss, with a score of 2:1. After England's final 2-0 win against Switzerland, the British qualified for the quarter-finals as group winners.

Ecuador FußballIn addition to the teams from Uruguay and Switzerland, which qualified directly as defending champions and hosts, 43 other nations applied for the remaining fourteen starting places for the final tournament in Switzerland. As expected, Namibia turned out to be the weakest team at the World Cup, arsenal training kit losing all four games by significant margins. The team from England was the clear favorite in the game against Belgium, but could only score 4-4 after extra time. A total of 194,500 spectators saw the five games, an average of 38,900. Only 20,500 spectators wanted to see the game between defending champions Uruguay and Czechoslovakia. A total of 220,000 spectators saw the six games, an average of 36,667. Most (58,000) came to the semi-final game between Germany and Austria, which meant there were more spectators present than capacity allowed. A total of 53,470 spectators came to the stadium, which is located near the border with France, for the four games, an average of 13,368. Most (19. 000) came to the France game against Mexico, the fewest (4,000) came to the Turkey game against South Korea, but then saw at least seven goals. Hungary reached the final tournament without playing a single game due to the withdrawal of the Polish association. Due to the upcoming 50th anniversary of FIFA membership in 1954, the Swiss officials pressed the Swedes to swap places with them and were successful. During the qualifying games, which lasted from May 9, 1953 to April 4, 1954, the failure of Spain, fourth in the 1950 World Cup, and Sweden, which had won the gold medal at the 1948 Olympic Games and third place in 1950, were surprising.

AC Mailand In the event of a tie in second place, a play-off was scheduled for entry into the quarter-finals. In the quarter-finals, the two qualifying teams from Group 1 were drawn against those from Group 2 and those from Group 3 against those from Group 4. The quarter-final games were drawn after the second group games on June 20, 1954, when the playoffs for second place in Groups 2 and 4 were still pending. From the quarterfinals onwards, the tournament was played in a knockout system, with the winner qualifying for the next round and the loser being eliminated. Because "El Tri" didn't score a goal themselves, as the game progressed more attention was focused on the parallel group game and twenty minutes before the end of the game, the Mexicans were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief when the news of the French team's 1-2 goal made the rounds In five games he scored 46 goals and only conceded one, in the final against the robot Sweaty.

Ecuador FußballIn order to reduce the number of games to be played and to prevent the favorites from being eliminated prematurely – which could expect a large number of spectators – each group consisted of two seeded and two unseeded teams, which did not have to play against each other in the group games. For the draw, the teams were divided into seeded and unseeded teams according to the mode based on their supposed ability to perform. The teams in bold were favored by FIFA to qualify for the final tournament at the time of the draw. After being questioned by FIFA, the women said they were also questioned by the police. They both meet again in a bar. In the event of a tie between all four teams, there would have been a playoff between the two seeded and the two unseeded teams. A tie on points between three teams was not mathematically possible. Three years later the club won the national cup competition for the first time. Since initially the Zagreb regional association and then other associations boycotted participation in the World Cup, they had to do without sought-after Croatian players, so that the Yugoslav selection almost only contained players from Belgrade in Serbia and three legionnaires from France. The team around players like Ocwirk, Happel, Stojaspal and Probst dominated their opponents in the preliminary round.

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